Cooperative Ownership

Advantages of Cooperative Ownership

Make a Sound Financial Decision

Ownership has never been simpler. With the investment and potential tax advantages of owning your cooperative share, the simplicity of your monthly service fee, the ease of maintenance-free living, and the convenience of our amenity-enriched campus, you’ll love all the benefits of life at The Village at Duxbury.

Why Ownership

Right-size for your current lifestyle without sacrificing the advantages of ownership. Enjoy the space, style, and financial stability you’ve earned, and let go of the responsibility. We’ll manage the maintenance and upkeep, allowing you time and flexibility to pursue your passions.

The Village at Duxbury is a cooperative corporation with each residence representing a share in the corporation.

Ownership means options – from choosing your cable company to customizing your amenities. We offer an exceptional dining program and meticulous housekeeping services, but participation is completely optional.

As a cooperative shareholder, ownership means a voice in deciding the direction of our community – from electing the eight resident members of our Board of Directors to serving on the Board or on a committee. Committees ensure that new residents feel welcome, influence decisions regarding entertainment and quality of life issues, and address fiscal concerns such as the budget and long-term planning. Whatever your interests, there is most likely a committee that will benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

The Cooperative Model

When you purchase your residence at The Village, you become a shareholder in our Cooperative Housing Corporation. The cooperative corporation owns all of the land, buildings and assets associated with The Village at Duxbury.

The Village is governed by an eleven-member elected Board of Directors, with eight residents serving on the Board. Each residence represents one share in the cooperative corporation and a vote in determining who serves on the board. Should you decide to sell, you will have the opportunity to participate in setting your share price.

From its inception, the corporation was structured to account for future expenditures and capital improvements. Unlike many condo associations, The Village at Duxbury has never levied a one-time special assessment.

Trusted Local Management

Welch Senior Living is the Board of Directors’ choice to manage the community. With over 70 years local experience in the industry, Welch Senior Living has the expertise and experience to keep our community thriving, successful and growing for the future.