The Village at Duxbury Pricing

Living at The Village at Duxbury eliminates the volatility of your monthly housing-related expenses. One monthly fee* that stays the same throughout the year takes care of all the costs listed below. Use the cost comparison sheet found on the Financial Benefits page to see if moving to The Village will lower your cost of living.

The price** of a share in the Cooperative Corporation will vary based on the residence that you choose. Unlike other retirement community models, appreciation in the share price benefits the seller.

HousingMonthly Fee*Share Price or Range**
One Bedroom, One Bath
Chandler, Eaton, Alcott
One Bedroom, One Bath, Cathedral Ceiling
Large One Bedroom, One Bath
Alden, Rogers
Large One Bedroom, Bath-and-a-Half
Two Bedroom, Two Bath
Bradford, Brewster, Franklin, Harrison, Winsor
$3,829 $375,000
Deluxe Two Bedroom, Two Bath
Hathaway, Seabury, Standish, Taylor
Large Two Bedroom, Two Bath
Double Alden, Double Wadsworth, Fuller, Marshall, Southworth, Weston, Clarke
Garden Homes
Newport, Nantucket
$5,164 $700,000
* Pricing is accurate as of January 1, 2024. Monthly Service Fees are typically adjusted annually by the Board of Directors. The Second Person Fee is $599 per month.
** Like all retirement communities, there are transaction fees associated with buying and selling a share at The Village. Please call our Sales Manager, Harriet Voyt, at 781-679-5035 for details.

What’s Included With Your Monthly Fee

Housing-Related Costs and Services

  • Property taxes
  • Routine maintenance and repairs
  • Professional landscaping
  • Winter upkeep including snowplowing, shoveling, and salting
  • Most utilities, including natural gas, electricity, water, trash removal, and sewer/septic
  • 24-hour-a-day security
  • Homeowner’s insurance (purchase of a renter’s insurance policy is recommended)

Lifestyle-Enhancing Expenses

  • Activities, clubs, and fun events
  • Access to or use of The Village amenities including the fitness center, heated indoor pool, General Store, meeting room, Club Room, Duxbury Room, art studio, hair salon, cocktail lounge, Cafe, dining room, outdoor patio, walking trails, garden beds, Bocce court, on-site medical office building
  • Regularly scheduled transportation
  • Health and Wellness Services Department with around-the-clock emergency response

Meal and housekeeping plans are available. Please see the disclosure statement and residency agreement for full details.