Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

Owning a share in The Village at Duxbury Cooperative Corporation is a smart financial decision as part of an overall financial strategy.  Unlike endowment communities where the upfront capital investment relies on a promise to be repaid upon leaving, residents of The Village at Duxbury have a share that can be sold at current market prices.

Predictable Expenses

One monthly service fee simplifies your expenses. Enjoy the predictability of one monthly amount that covers real estate taxes; utilities including water, sewer, electricity, heat, and air conditioning; plumbing and electrical repairs; landscaping and maintenance; 24-hour security; 24-hour emergency assistance; and management fees. The service fee also includes many activities, fitness and wellness programs, and scheduled transportation. Fees vary depending on the style of residence selected and the number of residents in that dwelling.

Increased Available Capital

Your money should always be working for you and retirement is no exception. Moving to The Village can free up capital for investment – both financially and in pursuing your interests.

Tax Benefits

As an owner, residents may deduct real estate taxes and other qualified expenses from their income. Shareholders receive an annual report to facilitate individual tax preparation. Consult your financial advisor to determine the best strategy for your personal situation.