Gracious Gathering in the Garden

Summer-time tea in the garden at The Village at Duxbury is an annual pleasure. Residents enjoy the company of other Villagers, staff members, and of course a harmonious natural setting.

Tea-time is a perfect time for family gatherings. Village at Duxbury resident Sonja Pfautz enjoyed the afternoon with her daughter, Wendy Bloomberg.
Residents Maurine Lee and Nancy Cudlipp know how to take full advantage of a wonderful afternoon of friendship, tea, and petit fours.
Finger sandwiches and roll-ups were a nice addition to the petit fours and brownies served with the tea in the garden at The Village at Duxbury.
In addition to hot tea there was cool lemonade which residents Joyce Levinson and Maurine Lee agreed was delicious.
Pat Savignano (left) and Janis Bigelow take a moment to catch up during the annual Summer-time Tea at The Village at Duxbury.