At the Ballet Barre

The Village at Duxbury’s latest fitness offering is a ballet class for the novice. Instructor Karen Alexander, who teaches a class in Nia, a form of martial arts that incorporates dance and mindfulness, has had her own dance studio for over a decade. The Village beginner’s ballet class incorporates stretching, balance, and traditional ballet movements, including tendu and plié, with exercise for the core. No ballet experience necessary to participate or to enjoy! Class meets every Wednesday at 12:45 pm in the Fitness Center.


Ballet teacher Karen Alexander leads Village at Duxbury resident Nancy Cudlipp in an exercise.


Village at Duxbury resident  Elaine Guilfoyle takes position in the newly offered Ballet Class.


Instructor Karen Alexander demonstrates a barre stretch during class.


Village resident Nancy Cudlipp beams as she demonstrates a ballet position.